Think Of Yourself As Self-Employed

This gem comes from self-help guru Brian Tracy, and it can truly change your outlook on life and have you thinking for weeks.

Whatever your economic situation in life, always consider yourself Self-Employed. You are your own “Personal Services Corporation,” and the company you currently work for is simply your “Main Client.”

The truth is that people leaving school or graduating today don’t expect to stay in a single job for their whole life. More than half the jobs we will be doing in thirty years time haven’t been invented yet. Trying going back to the 1970s and explaining what a “Web Designer” is. Nanotechnology, robotic engineering, space travel… whatever the future holds, it will be very different from how we live now.

Just as a company has various customers throughout its life, you will have various employers throughout yours. Well-trained, forward-thinking individuals have nothing to fear from the future. Just as in nature, it is the people that can adapt to the environment best who will survive and prosper.

Businesses must constantly invest in Research and Development, and you need to constantly invest your time and money in making you (or “your services”) more valuable. Don’t expect your employer to train you in the skills you will need for tomorrow. In fact many companies deliberately hold back on training, for fear that their staff may get poached by the competition if they are too well-trained.

Thinking of yourself as a company changes your perspective on many things. If you want a pay rise, you have to think about why your “client” would want to pay you more for your services. What could you do to be of more value for them? What about learning new skills or expanding your business networks?

This focus on personal growth does two things. Firstly, it makes the chances of you getting a pay rise – or a promotion – much higher. Secondly, if your current client isn’t willing to pay you what you are truly worth, someone else will.

Even if you don’t intend to start your own business, having the attitude of being self-employed will see your prospects and earnings growing throughout your life, while others’ are whithering.

Almost everyone these days is dreaming about quitting their jobs, and working for themselves. The truth is, they already do – they just need to recognise it.

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